Cristina Franchi

Commercial lawyer with extensive experience in private practice and as general counsel of major multinational companies (IBM, AT&T; Benetton group s.p.a., Avio s.p.a.).
Several years of work experience based in London and Paris, as well as in several locations in Italy.

Specialist in law relating to information and communications technology. Experience includes the coordination of merger and acquisition, international arbitration and notification of relevant operations to national competition authorities in Europe and to the European Commission.
Cristina Franchi has also contributed to the innovative transformation of the distribution systems of a number of companies, by introducing selective distribution networks, franchising systems, and new contractual standards for electronic sales to consumers.

Considerable experience in drafting and negotiating international transactions with companies based in America and Asia.

Qualified as a mediator in Italy for local and international disputes.


Alberto Rigoni

Business lawyer, providing advice on all  legal matters concerning the life of enterprises, including multinational, with particular focus on the areas of information technology law and intellectual property rights.

Drafting and negotiating of IT contracts such as software developement agreements, software license agreements, hardware and IT services supply agreements, also in the cloud computing area.

Vast experience on privacy issues,  also related to international data transfers and to specific environments (cloud computing).

Drafting and negotiating of international distribution agreements, e-commerce.

Corporate governance: drafting of organizational models ex D. Lgs. 231/2001.

Consolidated experience in all legal matters related to music business (licensing, distribution agreements, etc.).


Maria Margherita Parini

Business lawyer, providing advice on all legal matters concerning the running of enterprises, with particular focus on the areas of corporate and contractual law. She has extensive experience in consulting and litigation on:

- company law (sales of shares, litigation between shareholders, between themselves or against the company)

- contract law, with regard to distribution (disputes between suppliers and distributors; abuse of economic dependence)

- banking law

Speaker in various conferences on the subjects of distribution and corporate law, Maria Margherita Parini is also author of numerous publications on distribution’s law and abuse of economic dependence.